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15 Ocak 2018

‪‪Mayon‬, ‪Filipinler‬, ‪Yanardağ‬, ‪Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology‬‬

The 2,462-metre high volcano, a tourist attraction in central Albay province because of its near-perfect cone shape, spewed ash and burning mud and rocks over the past two days, forcing more than 3000 residents to evacuate from nearby villages.
It showed a bright crater glow on Sunday, signifying lava had started to flow from the crater.
Manila's airport authorities said airline Cebu Pacific had cancelled flights to nearby Legazpi City for a second day on Monday, citing bad weather.

Mayon's most destructive eruption was in February 1841, when lava buried a town and killed 1200 people. It last erupted in 2014, spewing lava and forcing thousands of people to evacuate.
‪‪Mayon‬, ‪Filipinler‬, ‪Yanardağ‬, ‪Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology‬‬

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